How to Reach Kolad from Mumbai & Pune

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ATV ride in Kolad

The quaint village of Kolad located in the Sahayadris has started attracting crowds of people bitten by the adventure bug. If you are still not aware of this then, here are the details of How to reach Kolad from Mumbai and Pune. Kolad camping has witnessed a tremendous surge in the number of trekkers and water sports enthusiasts who flock the place all year round to experience a rush of adrenaline. What makes Kolad even more popular is the ease of transport and availability of facilities.

How to Reach Kolad from Mumbai?

Mumbai and Pune are the two best cities to travel to Kolad due to their direct connectivity to national highways and railways. When you search river rafting near Mumbai, Kolad is the only option you will get and it is very easy to reach Kolad from Mumbai especially if you decide to travel by car. The Mumbai-Pune expressway is the quickest route that will save you some time while enabling you to cover the 117 odd kilometers – Kolad’s distance from Mumbai.

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Kolad Night road journey

How to Reach Kolad from Pune?

The city of Pune, while a bit farther away when compared with Mumbai to Kolad, is also an excellent option to consider while planning river rafting in Kolad. Let me tell you the Kolad river rafting distance from Pune is 110 km by road. Alternately, you can even plan your Pune to Kolad travel by railway which will drop you right at Kolad station. You can then go to the white water rafting site using public transport facilities.

Kolad Tourism

Kolad is a recent addition to the leisurely getaway spots that are easily accessible from cosmopolitan cities. While hill stations such as Lonavala and Khandala have been on the tourism scene since a long time, the addition of newer holiday destinations like Kolad and Lavasa has also contributed to a larger percentage of tourist influx in the Sahayadrian belt of Maharashtra.

Kolad Rafting

These hill stations are also located in the Mumbai- Pune belt thereby making them accessible points to travel to Kolad. Lavasa to Kolad by road is close to 130 km and can be planned through the Tamhinighat road. On the other hand, Lonavala to Koladis a mere 80 km by road and the distance can be covered in a jiffy! You should definitely keep Kolad in your list if you are planning a trip to Lonavala and derive the benefit of two holidays at the cost of one! Hope we have answered your question which is How to Reach Kolad from Mumbai & Pune.

Adventure sports at Kolad should be opted for by people of all age groups at least once as they are fun and are undertaken with a high degree of safety. Its beauty and serenity are a sight to behold especially during the rains.


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