Kolad River Rafting Accident – All you should know

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kolad river rafting accident

Here all you want to know about Kolad river rafting accident. Everyone knows Kolad is famous for River rafting and it is a great adventure hub near Mumbai & Pune.

We are one of the major players of River Rafting at Kolad. We handle 1/3 of the rafting and stay bookings in Kolad. Every day we get queries related to Kolad river rafting accident.

Before I tell you more about Kolad River rafting accidents and incidents in details. You should know that Rafting in the Kundalika river is part of the adventure sports.

Kolad River rafting Accident

Kolad River rafting Accident

What do you mean by adventure sports or activity?

It is a short or long trip wherein you get involved in high-risk activities, games, etc. Sometimes the level of difficulty is very high. Similarly, Rafting has rapids with grades 1 – 10. 1 being the lowest difficulty level and 10 is the highest.

Why people attracted to such a risky sport?

When you get involved in such activities it refreshes your mind. Makes you stronger by facing such difficulty levels. Scientist says that most of the time your body secrets a hormone named Adrenaline when you indulged in any adventure activity. These hormones give you thrilling feel and later refreshing one.

Kolad River Rafting accident

So many participants involved in such thrilling rafting in Kundalika River. Since 2006 till now there were very few Kolad rafting accidents happened. In all these cases, most of them frightened and didn’t listen to their rafting guide instructions properly.

How to avoid Kolad River Rafting accident?

  • First of all, follow the rules and instructions of your rafting guide strictly.
  • Don’t make noise, due to the waves sound it becomes difficult to listen while rafting.
  • Make sure you have tied up the rafting life jacket properly.
  • You should wear proper clothing.
  • Ladies should keep their hairs clipped.
  • Spectacles should be tied up with holder strip.
  • Sandals are more preferable.
  • Don’t go for risky pictures or selfies during rafting.

There are zero Kolad river rafting deaths from our organization. No such risky accidents in Kudalika river. Major and trust player for all corporates since the inception of our rafting services.


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