Pooja Farms Kolad Resort

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Pooja Farms Kolad is one of the best resorts in Kolad. Are you looking for an isolated place, with a beautiful cottage by the lake? Are you looking forward to waking up the chirping of the birds and the warm sun kissing your cheek? More Important, are you looking to replace your routine over the weekend with something more relaxing?

Are you dreaming for a weekend away from the tall building, honking cars and pollution; coming closer to nature crossing ponds and rivers, watching a rainbow disappear, and listening to cowbells; someone rightly said, Nature has become a luxury in this hustling world. Well looks like someone really heard you.

Pooja Resort Kolad

Pooja Resort Kolad

It is not just a dream any more. We bring you Pooja farm, AKA Pooja Resort Kolad, a beautiful property touching the lake and the best part is, it is away from the city.

Pooja Farms Kolad located at just 135 km from Mumbai is an ideal escape for your dream weekend. They have beautiful cottages touching the lake and surrounded by the gift of Mother Nature. You have evergreen forests on majestic hills with beautiful farms surrounding the farm. The natural lake gracefully flows into the perennial river Kundalika, brushing three sides of the farm before gushing down like a waterfall.

Pooja Farms Kolad Contact Number86525 09851

Pooja Farms Stay

Pooja Farms Stay

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Pooja Resort Kolad Accommodation:

You have well-equipped cottages touching the lake with Maharashtrian – Konkani cuisine with farm fresh products, for you to fill your hunger pangs. Apart from these lakes touches cottages, for people who are adventurous, you have an option sleeping under the star in riverside tents.

Playground at Pooja Resort Kolad

Playground at Pooja Resort Kolad

Pooja Resort Kolad Activities:

At Pooja Resort Kolad, start your day with a sumptuous breakfast and Tea by the lake, When at nature’s lap, it calls for a pleasant walk. Experience the countryside by taking a bullock cart ride, Swim at the lake, And if you are looking to explore the hills by going on guided treks, we could pack you some lunch and you could have a picnic in the forest. After you are back you could play outdoor sports within the farm, say a spirited game of cricket or volleyball. Play a game or two of Chess and carrom. As the sunsets, enjoy the bonfire by the lake with pleasant music as a compliment. Once hungry, you have spread waiting for you at the Dinner Hall.

Pooja farms Kolad have something to offer for all.



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