River Rafting Equipments

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River rafting equipment

One should know River Rafting Equipments before you take on Rafting in Kundalika River. Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular activity for adventure lovers as this spirited and pumped with adrenaline fluid sport, often takes you to breathtakingly beautiful destinations all around the world. It is packed with utmost thrill and tons of excitement, keeping the adventure junkie on the on their toes.

River rafting in India

With might rivers flowing down from the Himalayas in the north and from the other mountain ranges across India making this sport a sort after activity to do with friends and family. Some exciting rafting destinations in India are 1)Ganga river rafting, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. 2) Beas river, Manali. 3)Teesta river, Sikkhim& Darjeeling. 4)Indus river, Jummu& Kashmir. 5) Brahmaputra river, Arunachal Pradesh. 6) Kundalika river, Maharashtra. 7)Barapole river, Coorg, Karnataka. 8) River Kali, Dandeli, Karnataka. 9) Zanskar river, Ladakh.10) Alaknanda river Uttarakhand.

White water rafting – difficulty level grading

Did you know River rafting has grading levels just like any adventure sport, ranging from Simple to very dangerous? There are 6 levels to determine them.

Class 1: Waters having very small rough areas, having a guide is optional.

Class 2: Waters with some rough areas and rocky. Required guide.

Class 3: Waters with small waves and small drops. The guide is required.

Class 4: Waters with medium waves, rocky and considerable drops. A skilled guide is needed.

Class 5: Waters with large waves, largely rocky and possible large drops. Requires full mastery from a guide.

Class 6: Waters with rapid which can be considered dangerous with huge waves, huge drops and some times end in fatal injuries. Not advisable to go even with a fully skilled and mastered guide.

River rafting equipments

River rafting comes with all of the safety measures. It is important that we know every little detail about the safety equipment used before we head out for this adventure. Also, it helps you in understanding the advice given by the rafting guide.

▸ Inflatable rafting boat
Inflatable boats are light weighted boats have evolved in the past few years. For a long time, India was lacking in international quality gears for rafting. There was a time when there was a risk of these boats tearing apart due to its rapid seams. It was only in the past few years, due to its popularity and revenue making, high-quality boats and other safety gears have come to the Indian market. We now have a range of collection of boats that last a lifetime. So go have a Spine-chilling rafting experience!!

rafting boat & equipments

▸ Life jacket
As the name suggests, Life-jacket is one of the most important safety gear used in almost all kind of emergencies when it comes to Human life at sea or a water adventure sport such as river rafting. Life-jacket is a sleeveless jacket made of inflatable materials used to keep the human body floating in the water. These jackets comes in all sizes and it is advisable that the rafter chooses a perfect fitting jacket to avoid unnecessary complications in the moment of emergencies.

Life jacket for rafting

▸ Helmet
Yes, the helmet is something we are aware of and use it from time to time while we ride a bike or a bicycle. Its main purpose is to secure us from any head injuries. It is important that rafters used high-quality helmets adhering to international standards to project from any kind of injuries while rafting. Just like Life- Jackets, the helmet should be the best fit according to the size of your head.

Helmet for river rafting

▸ Carbon pedals
These carbon pedals are one more important equipment for rafting in the rivers. It is used to give smooth stokes on water. With proper guidance and technique, one can achieve a great experience while rafting. They are usually light weighted and smoothly designed for the rafters.

rafting pedals

▸ Rescue throw bag
Rescue throw bags another life-saving gear very often found in a raft, kayak or a canoe. A rescue bag or a rope is devised with a length of rope stuffed loosely into the bag, is thrown to the swimmer in emergencies. The loose end of the rope is generally held by the rescuer to pull the swimmer towards the raft/ a boat, who is holding on to the bag. This compact bag is very light and doesn’t occupy much of a space.

Rescue throw rope

▸ Wetsuits & Drysuits
This suit is generally worn by the rafter if the water is cold. It provides thermal insulation while your body is immersed in the water. It is designed to protect against cold water. A dry suit is slightly different from the wetsuit. A dry suit keeps the water away from entering the body. Nowadays, you see dry suits being used often.

rafting equipment



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