The beautiful Sukeli waterfalls at Kundalika

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Sukeli waterfalls

Sukeli Village

Sukeli is a small settlement, just 7 km from Kolad. Kolad situated on the banks of River Kundalika, flowing beautifully from the hills of Sahyadri’s Maharashtra; into the Arabian Sea through thick forest and rice fields of the region. This whole region would leave you spellbound. Be it with a beautiful drive through the hills, its umpteen numbers of waterfalls, and its lush greenery. And Sukeli waterfalls is one such place that leaves a spectacular image in your mind forever.

Sukeli Waterfalls

Sukeli waterfalls is a live stream, gushing over the cliff and cutting through the edges beautifully creating a nature’s music; rippling water, birds and crickets chirping in rhythm makes you wonder if Music is was Man’s invention or if it was discovered while in Nature.

A weekend here is a memorable getaway from the routine and coming in search of some fresh air. You will find yourself in the midst of Nature with wonderful trails. This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by dense forest, unexplored valley, some exotic migratory birds and some breath-taking views making it one of the ideal places for the adventure seekers and nature lovers’.

Sukeli waterfalls is an ideal place for Trekking and rappelling, spending some quality time by the waterfall with friends or with oneself, read a book or even meditate.

Ideally, this place should be visited during the monsoon. This waterfall is almost therapeutic for city folks coming out of the mundane life to destress.

If you are looking for places to see near Kolad, now you know you can come to Sukeli waterfalls. Ideally, this place is good for a picnic spot. But if you are looking for camping near the waterfalls, you might want to rethink about camping during Monsoon. There is a possibility of insects and animals coming for water.

Entry Fee: Not Applicable

Best time to visit: June to September

Activities like trekking and rappelling can be done. And if you are a birdwatcher, this is an interesting place. Don’t forget to carry binoculars.

Things to do:

▸ Trekking

▸ Rappelling

▸ River rafting in Kundalika

▸ Camping in Kolad

How to reach:

By Rail: Roha is the closest railway station and from there local transportation or s state bus to reach Sukeli.

By Road: From Mumbai, Roha village is 116 km.


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