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Rafting is water activity and the water is released by the Government Authorities into the Kundalika River from Bhira Dam around 8 am. As it is a manmade phenomenon, there can be a delay in release of water. It is seldom that the water is not released from the Bhira Dam. Thus, in such cases we only refund you the amount we have collected for Rafting. Refund request for Transport, Food, Stay or any other adventure activities will not be entertained.

We, therefore, request you to please go through our disclaimer thoroughly.

  • For River Rafting at Kolad in Kundalika River, water is usually released from the Bhira Dam by Government Authorities and not by us.
  • Once or twice in a year, it has occurred that the water is not released into the river.
  • River Rafting Kolad or any other rafting agency does not have any control over the release of water. We cannot influence the Government Authorities to release the water if they have decided otherwise.
  • As a result, no release of water means no river rafting.
  • Yes, it is indeed strange that we are not notified before about No-Water-Release in the river.
  • In such no-rafting case, we will refund only the amount which we have collected for rafting. Unfortunately, we cannot refund you the amount which we collected for Transport, Food, Stay or any other adventure activity.
  • Refund will be made through Bank Transfer/ Cheque only. No cash or other payment mode will be used for refund.
  • In no-rafting cases, we will not compensate you for the time you have taken to reach Kolad.
  • Apart from no-release of water, there are at times delay in release of water as well. One must wait till water is released. Delay in releasing of water will not to be believed as a substantial reason to demand refund from us.
  • We would like to point out that these are rare possibilities. We consider it as our responsibility to share such incidents before you decide to join us.
  • Please do reach on time at 8 am at the river rafting starting point. Do not make any delay as water levels during this time are ideal. If you are late in reaching, you miss the rafting session. No refund request will be entertained in such cases.
  • Please confirm your booking date confirmed with your friends/ family or any other person you wish to come. As after booking, no refund request or any adjustments will be made if any person is not coming from your group or you wish to change the date of your event.
  • Your refund amount will be credited in your account, when you provide your bank details through email. We would request you to provide following details:
  • Your Account Name
  • Your Bank Name
  • Bank Branch Name
  • Saving Account/ Current Account
  • Your Account Number
  • RTGS/IFSC Code (necessary)