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Why us?

Our, River Rafting Kolad, focus is to deliver you an experience which you can cherish for a life-time. For this to happen, we take suitable measures to ensure your safety throughout the event.

The Raft Guides of Rafting event has vast experience of River Rafting of more than 15 years. They are certified Raft Guides who have learned the art of rafting in the various wild rivers of India.

Apart from the guide, we provide you state of the art equipment which will ensure smooth and enjoyable river rafting experience. Equipment such as Life Jackets, Paddles for guiding your Raft and Helmets are provided to every participant without fail. Before wearing all this gear, the Raft guide will not allow you to participate in the event.

We hereby assure you that we believe in conducting the event responsibly without causing any effect on physical, social and cultural implications of any participant and/ or nearby surroundings.