Kayaking in Kolad

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kayaking in kolad

Kayaking in Kolad is a very unique adventure activity. Kolad is a quaint town in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is nestled beautifully in the Sahyadri ranges and on the banks of Kundalika River. This whole region through which Kundalika flows would leave you spellbound. Be it with a beautiful drive through the hills, its umpteen numbers of waterfalls, and its lush greenery.

The River flows beautifully from the hills of Sahyadri’s Maharashtra; into the Arabian Sea through thick forest and rice fields of the region. Originating from Bhira, this river is fed by excess water from Mulshi dam project, thereby flowing through the hills and villages. One of the many important places falls on the banks of Kundalika in Kolad. Thus water rises in Kolad, the only place to have White water rafting in Maharashtra, also known as Land of adventure as it offers various water activities such as Kayaking and rappelling. Let us talk about Kayaking in Kolad. Are you looking for kayaking places near Mumbai or Pune? Kolad is in perfect proximity for both the cities to experience kayaking.

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Kayaking in River Kunadalika is an exhilarating experience. And before that, we need to know what exactly is kayaking and it details.

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Kayaking is the use of a canoe-like boat to move across the water for activities such as diving, fishing, wilderness exploration, and rescue during floods. White water kayaking has become popular amongst the adventure seekers in recent years. There are training camps training the kayakers tackle the rapids

Kayaking equipment

A Whitewater kayak along with off-set paddle is essential to control the rapids and wind simultaneously. A personal flotation device is very important equipment required always while kayaking. A life jacket should be always worn and a helmet is also often mandatory for kayaking.

kayaking in mumbai

photo credit: wilder west resort Kolad

Kayaking in Kolad

Kayaking in the lively waters of Kundalika is a great experience to challenge your adrenaline rush. You will be given a chance to try in the waters giving by Tips and training by the guides before cruising through the waves. Enjoy the waves by kayaking in Kundalika River, test and showcase your skills in the adventure activity. You need not know swimming to kayak, you will be giving enough support and safety measures to tackle the waves and kayak your way.

Kolad Kayaking Charges

The average cost for kayaking ranges from INR 700 – 1000 per person.

Kayaking in Kolad Timings 

It is available from morning 9:00 AM – evening 6:00 PM.

Do try your hand in Kolad kayaking the next time you are in Kolad. Trust us; it is worth giving a shot.


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