Top 10 River rafting Destination around the world

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River rafting destinations around the world

White water rafting

Did you know there is a dramatic increase in popularity for White water rafting around the world in recent year? White water rafting is one of the most enthralling and challenging water-based sports that has caught up in recent years. One can experience the adrenaline rush as you tackle the rapids and tumble down in the gushing river. And once you experience rafting, you would want to raft in all the rivers around the world. It is that addictive.

For the people who love to live on the edge, has it been long since your spine tingled with excitement? Are you looking to make a bucket list of White water rafting places? You have come to the right place. We have curated a list of places around the world that you could plan on rafting across the river. These are some exciting waters with great locations and exciting rafting gradients

River rafting destinations around the world

Colorado River, USA

White water rafting in Colorado is at the top of the list for all the adventure junkies out there. Covering up to seven states and two in Mexico, Colorado River spreads approximately 300 km in the northern hemisphere of USA. And the most popular for white water rafting in the USA is Grand Canyon rafting. This is one of the most scenic White water rafting locations, blessed with spectacular nature. It can be easily said that Colorado River rafting is one of the best river rafting destinations in the world.

Gradient: 1-2 Class


Zambezi River, Africa    

Zambezi River at the Victoria Falls is regarded as one of the wildest waters to raft in. Although this high volume river drop doesn’t require you to have prior experience or a good swimming skill; it does require for one to have some level of physical fitness to go through these rough waters. There are High water season and Low water season, High water season is between February to July when the water is extremely difficult and violent. Keep a watch for Hippos and Crocodiles here.

Gradient: 4– 5 Class

zambezi river rafting

Zambezi River Rafting PC: White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

Rio Upano, Ecuador

River Upano starting from Sierra in Ecuador and flows into the Amazon; the waters are incredibly refreshing with stunning scenery and beautiful riverside camps. The starting point is at a small village called Macas in the Amazon basin, spreading through wide valleys and narrow canyon, you are for sure to experience an exciting rollercoaster here.

Gradient: 3-4 Class

Rio Upano Rafting

Rio Upano Rafting

Magpie River, Quebec

Of All the amazing Rivers in Canada for rafting, Magpie River is the best for White water rafting. White water rafting starts from Magpie Lake where the rapids are decent for the beginners, the gradient slowly increases to difficult rapids. These enthralling waters need some experience. There are also riverside camps that give an opportunity to witness the glorious Northern lights.

Gradient: 4-5 Class


Pacuare River, Costa Rica

Rafting through the rainforests surrounded by lush green and rich bio-diversity, Pacuare River rafting takes you to a completely different world with an unforgettable experience. With the rapids ranging from three to four classes, it is undoubted one of the top River rafting destinations in the world.

Gradient: 3- 4 Class

pacuare river rafting

Pacuare River Rafting PC: Ticos River Adventures

Chilko River, Canada

Chilko River is 75 km Long River in British Colombia of Canada, is one of the popular rafting destinations in the world. This is one of the fastest and fun rafting expeditions with spectacular views. You will need an immense amount of physical fitness to go raft in this river. To complete the whole stretch, it will take up to 01 weeks. There are many campers camp on the riverside.

Gradient: 3- 4 Class

Chilko River rafting

Chilko River rafting PC:

Futaleufu River, Chile

White water rafting in Futaleufu is a very sought after adventure s in the world. With Andes Mountain as a backdrop and deep blue waters to raft with exciting grade 5 rapids, any adventure lover would fall in love with the waters and nature here.

Gradient: 4- 5 Class

Futaleufu River rafting

Futaleufu River rafting PC: Pablo Catalán

Noce River, Italy

Cold blue waters from the melting Alpine glaciers from the Dolomite, Noce River has exciting waters for White water rafting in Europe. It is indeed a haven for White water rafters as one can experience high waves and exhilarating rapids. It is also a great spot for Kayaking.

Gradient: 4- 5 Class

Noce River rafting

Noce River rafting PC: Rafting Extreme Waves Val di Sole Trentino

North Johnstone River, Australia

Johnstone River is probably one of the most challenging river rafting destinations in Australia. Situated near Queensland, the start point can be reached only by a Helicopter ride to Palmerston National Park. You will be passing through dense forest and rich animal habitat. The waters are rough here where rafting only takes place between April to June.

Gradient: 4 – 5 Class

North Johnstone River rafting

North Johnstone River rafting PC: Splash White Water Rafting

Ganges River, India

The Ganges in India originates from The Great Himalayan Mountains. It is one of the popular and best River rafting expeditions in Asia. As mystical as it may sound, the experience is one gets in these exhilarating waters is divine. The rapid here are scaled between four to five grades especially during the summers and after Monsoon.

Gradient: 4-5 Class

Ganga River Rafting

Ganga River Rafting PC: OMPAL SINGH Google Map


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