Paramotoring in Kolad

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Paramotoring in Kolad

Kolad has emerged to be the adventure capital of Maharashtra in the recent decade. This beautiful destination nestled in Raigad district of Maharashtra is surrounded by scenic locations and fascinating adventure sports. The beautiful Kundalika River flowing through the fields and the narrow mountains pass through Kolad, making it a perfect destination for White water rafting, kayaking and camping along with adventure activities such as trekking, archery and ATV rides. Until recently, Kolad has been a popular destination for water bodies. But what if we tell you Kolad has introduced something new and exciting for the adventures bums? Yes, you have a new reason to visit Kolad now.

Kolad has introduced Paramotoring in kolad to kick-start your adrenaline pump.

What is Paramotoring?

Paramotoring is relatively a new adventure sports activity that has been launched in the year 2006. This unique activity is very similar to Paragliding. Paramotoring is more like a Powered Paraglider. There are about two types of Paramotoring – Foot Launch and Wheel Launch.

Paramotoring in Kolad

Paramotoring is a fast-growing adventure activity that has come to Kolad now. It is emerging as a new adventure activity in India. Similar to Paragliding, Paramotoring will take you flying across the sky with a powered motor glider. It is one of the surreal experiences to fly as high as 150 -300 feet above sea level, where you will come across the bird-eye view of the entire region of Kolad. You will witness the lush green forest covering the rough hills of Sahyadris through which the beautiful Kundalika flowing across the field and villages. In this 10 minute ride, you will gently glide through nature, as the fresh air blowing across the face, and birds flying with you, making you feel one with nature. Trust us; it can be one of the best minutes of your life.


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Paramotoring near Mumbai & Pune

Safety is our priority

Although it is relatively new, we also make sure that you are assisted with professional and experienced Paramotor pilots with all safety instructions explained to you prior to the flight. You will be assisted with safety gears and quality equipment to make sure you are safe.

Things you need to know

The whole activity is based on weather conditions and wind-based; thus if the activity is cancelled due to weather conditions, it is either re-scheduled or refunded.

Children above 12 years are allowed for this activity.

Consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are strictly prohibited while doing this activity.

One needs to follow the instructions of Paramotoring given by the pilot during the flight.



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