Kolad River Rafting Package

Before you explore Kolad River Rafting Package let me tell you about the place. Kolad has been steadily gaining popularity for its green meadows, gushing waterfalls and splendid views of the mountains in addition to it being a preferred location for white water rafting and other water sports activities. Trekkers are also opting for Kolad camping options due to the availability of beautiful natural backdrops and infrastructural ease.

It is home to the Kundalika River which serves as a great source for river rafting, kayaking, and other water-based adventure activities. Though people living in Mumbai and Pune can return back home on the same day, the nearby attractions at Kolad are tempting people to extend their holiday and stay back for a day or two. This, in turn, has propelled the growth of accommodation facilities like resorts and hotels while giving a boost to camping options simultaneously.

Jetski - Kolad Watersports

Kolad rafting packages are easily available with adventure firms who take care of your trip with their thoughtfully planned itineraries and expertise. There are a host of hotels in Kolad that can provide ready accommodation replete with basic necessities. If you are looking for variety, you can opt to stay in tents, bungalows, farmhouses or even a resort!

Tented Accommodation

Tent Camping

While at Kolad, tent stay is a must. The best way to do so is to request your adventure partner to arrange for tented accommodation for your group. Living in a tent is a unique experience that propels you to stay in natural surroundings. If you are looking to live like a king while housed in a tent then you can choose for Kolad swiss tents that offer luxury and comfort while keeping you grounded literally!

Bungalows on Rent

Kolad Bunglow Stay Packages

This one is a no-brainer since it is one of the most commonly searched for accommodation options. Bungalows in Kolad can be booked through various online websites and are a great option to stay in if you are traveling in a big group and wish to spend time together.

Farmhouse and Cottages

Kolad Cottages

Live in style while you visit Kolad by booking your stay at a plush farmhouse or at a cozy cottage dotted with windows that offer a mesmerizing view of your surroundings. In Kolad, farmhouses are also available for rent overnight or for a few days depending on the time that you are planning to spend. Kundalika cottages are the most preferred accommodation option by tourists.


Swiss Tent Stay Packages

Kolad may be a small village but it has got everything to cater to your needs. If luxury is on your mind then Kolad resorts are no less exotic. Book your stay at some top resorts like Rock Hill Adventure, Small Steps Adventures or Hans Adventure Resort. Also, you can check kolad trip packages on our website.



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