Things to do in Kolad

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things to do in Kolad

Kolad has emerged as a new holiday destination for city folks due to the plethora of activities that it offers for people of all age groups. From adventure sports to relaxed holiday options replete with natural beauty, it has opened up new avenues for exploration and fun. While it is especially known for its white water rafting on the Kundalika River, there are numerous other things to do in Kolad. One can explore various other adventure water spots as well.

Adventure Watersports

Jetski - Kolad Watersports

Kundalika rafting tops the list of adventure sports offered at this location. While most people who go there opt for rafting, one can also choose from other adventure activities that are offered. These include water sports like kayaking, rappelling, river crossing, scuba diving and flying fox in addition to other adventure sports. Bungee jumping in Kolad is a fairly newer sport that attracts crowds looking for a taste of adventure.


things to do in Kolad

Trekking in Kolad

It is a location that offers something for everyone. Gone are the days when it was only known for its river rafting activity. Trekking and camping are options that are being preferred by a large number of people who visit the village. Avchitgad fort trek and Sudhagad fort trek are two famous fort treks that can be embarked upon from your stay.


Luxury Camping Stay

Swiss Tent Stay Packages

One of the top Resort provides a very unique experience of Luxury A/C Camping in the forest area. During monsoon, it is really difficult to get booking for this place due to the surrounding greenery and amazing foggy weather.


Paramotoring near mumbai pune

Paramotoring near Mumbai & Pune Photo from

Paramotoring in Kolad is a new activity that is introduced for adventure seekers; it is, in fact, one amongst the many adventure activities that have arrived newly in India. And now it is in Kolad, very close to your city. Paramotoring is very similar to Paragliding, except in Paramotoring, there is a powered motor glider that will take you high. Like Paragliding, Paramotoring will take you high into the sky, flying across the beautiful landscapes. It gives a bird-eye view of the entire region of Kolad from a height of about 150 to 300 m above sea level. As you fly across the sky on par with the birds, you will witness the lush green hills of Sahyadri ranges and downflows the river Kundalika. Experience the best 10 minutes of your life!

Nearby Attractions & Things to do in Kolad

Devkund Waterfall

Devkund Waterfall

Once you are done having a taste of adventure and are looking for nearby attractions, you can pack your bags and go sightseeing in the beautiful landscape dotted with waterfalls and paddy fields. Devkund waterfall is the most-visited waterfall in nearby areas. It plunges straight into an emerald-hued pond from rocky terrain and is a sight to behold. Besides the waterfall, you can also pray at the Pali Ganesh Temple which is highly revered among the locals. Do not forget to indulge your sweet tooth with the delicious Kandi Peda that are available at various stalls in the temple premises!

Kolad Corporate team outing 

Pipe & Marble - Team Building games

Pipe & Marble – Team Building games

Australian Walk - Corporate Fun Games

Australian Walk – Corporate Fun Games

Fire Walk

Fire Walk

Kolad is adventure hub near Mumbai and Pune where one can get into all types of adventures. All the adventure things to do at Kolad are major attractions amongst corporate teams. We arrange facilitators along with coordinators for all group sizes. Depending upon your preference customized one and two-day Kolad packages available.


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