Kundalika River Rafting

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Kundalika River Rafting

Kundalika River flows beautifully from the hills of Sahyadri’s Maharashtra; into the Arabian Sea through thick forest and rice fields of the region. Originating from Bhira, this river is fed by excess water from Tata power’s Mulshi dam project typically early in the morning during monsoon. The gush of water is released thereby flowing through the hills and villages. One of the many important places fall on the banks of Kundalika is Kolad. Thus water rises in Kolad, the only place to have White water rafting in Maharashtra, also known as The Land of adventure. Apart from White water rafting, activities like Zipline, Bungee Jumping, and kayaking are offered here. This whole region through which Kundalika flows would leave you spellbound. Be it with a beautiful drive through the hills, its umpteen numbers of waterfalls, and its lush greenery.

Kolad, known for its rugged terrain offers a trekking trail often varying from medium challenging to adventurous. There are few Buddhist caves which can be trekked to explore like Kuda caves and Thanale caves; a must visit for the trekkers who are looking for some unexplored places. There are some hidden waterfalls in deep forests like Devkund are to be trekked to reach the spot. If you are looking for some historic forts, you won’t be disappointed- Raigad fort, Avchitgad fort, Ghosalagad fort, Talagad fort are some note worth treks. These treks difficulty level usually range between easy to medium level.

Yes, we would love to talk more about trekking, as Title suggests is about River rafting in Kundalika.

River Rafting in Kundalika

Kundalika flows past this small yet beautiful town called Kolad, now emerging as the Adventure capital of Maharashtra. Kolad is located on Mumbai – Goa highway; one can reach Kolad by road which is 120 km from Mumbai and 110 km from Pune via Paud.

Monsoon being the best season to experience River rafting, Kundalika doesn’t disappoint one bit. For an adrenaline junkie to encounter the rapids with splashing waves this is it.

Kundalika River Rafting Schedule:

You will be asked to report at the river rafting starting point at 8:30 pm complete the required formalities with the rafting manager and suit up for your rapids. Make sure to clear all your questions regarding river rafting and don’t forget to have fun. This rafting stretch is about 12 km which would be for 2 hrs. You will experience spine- chilling rapids every time you encounter splash. At the end of the stretch, you would want to go back into waters but also come out hungry.  Just when you think your day can’t get any better; you are served with super-hot and delicious food at Kundalika Cottage Resort.

Packages for Kundalika River Rafting:

There are various packages for River rafting in Kundalika, some of them are as mentioned below

Rafting only package starting from INR 900 p.p on the weekdays; INR 1400 p.p on the weekends

Rafting and Luxurious Camping in Kolad:
AC Shamiyana Tent stay: INR 2800 P.P. weekdays
▸ AC Shamiyana Tent stay: INR 3400 P.P. weekends
▸ AC Maharaja Tent stay: INR 2600 P.P. weekdays
▸ AC Maharaja Tent stay: INR 3200 P.P. weekends

Rafting and stay in Cottages:
Hans Adventure Cottages: INR 2500 P.P. weekdays
▸ Hans Adventure Cottages: INR3100 P.P. weekends
▸ Wild County Cottages: INR 2400 P.P. weekdays
▸ Wild County Cottages: INR 3000 P.P. weekends
▸ Wilder West Cottages: INR 3100 P.P. weekdays
▸ Wilder West Cottages: INR 3650 P.P. weekends

Rafting and stay in Bungalows:
Hans Adventure Bungalows: INR 2700 P.P. weekdays
▸ Hans Adventure Bungalows: INR 3400 P.P. weekends
▸ Rock Hills Bungalow: INR 2600 P.P. weekday
▸ Rock Hills Bungalow: INR 3200 P.P. weekend

Rafting and stay in Dormitory:
Hans Adventure Dormitory: INR 2300 P.P. weekdays
▸ Hans Adventure Dormitory: INR 2800 P.P. weekends

Rafting with Lunch package starting from INR 1200 p.p on Weekdays; INR 1600 p.p on weekends

Rafting with Transportation:

Only INR 2450 per person from Mumbai to Kolad
Only INR 2450 per person from Pune to Kolad

Things to Remember:

Change of clothes: you would want to change your clothes after your adventure. Don’t worry, you will be provided with changing room at the rafting starting point/ farmhouse/campsite

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes while Kundalika River Rafting. (Suggestion: Denim tend to get heavier, which you can avoid)

Comfortable Sandals with good fitting. Avoid Chappals as it can float off while rafting. Also, avoid Shoes which might get heavy and uncomfortable.

Personal sanitary kit: Towels, soap, etc.

Carrying a camera is always good to make great memories. You can keep it inside the raft in a dry bag with the guide, but at your own risk.

Carry a good sunscreen lotion

Note: You would not be having any pickup and drop facilities from Rafting End Point to Start Point.

If you have a Driver, you can ask him to pick you up at the end Point of Rafting else you will have to hire Autos / Share Jeep to the Start Point where your Car is parked.


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