River Rafting in India

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river rafting in india

Incredible India offers amazing places to visit but will make your holiday thrilling with lots of adventure activities. One of the topmost adventure activity in India is River Rafting. You will be amazed to see places for River Rafting in India. Few of them are now known places for River Rafting only like Rishikesh & Kolad

Following is the list of Places for River Rafting in India

1) Rishikesh River Rafting in Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is the most sacred place and the most exciting adventure hub of India. Apart from Trekking and camping, it is also got its fame for River Rafting and Bungee Jumping. The breathtaking views and some thrilling rapids of the Ganges River attract crowd from all over India.

River: Ganges

River Rafting Rishikesh price

  • 600 per person for 9 Kms Rafting
  • 1500 per person for 25 Kms Rafting
  • 2500 per person for 35 Kms Rafting

Rishikesh rafting Contact Number: 9639377776

There are many Packages for Rishikesh camping and rafting you can check online for group stay packages.

2) River Rafting in Manali

Nestled in the beautiful valley of Himalaya, Manali is the major tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh. As the road for Ladakh starts from Manali, one can see bike riders in numbers. Apart from that, it is so lovely place that mostly newlywed couple prefers Manali for Honeymoon. Travelers and hippies come from all over the world to enjoy nature and more importantly amazing treks near Manali.

River in Manali – Beas River

River Rafting Timing – Open from Morning to Evening

Please Note – Rafting is not available exactly in Manali city but in the nearby area. Rafting in Kullu especially one can see during a road journey.

Manali Rafting Prices

  • 7 Kms Rafting = 1000 / person || Spot Name : Raison
    • If 4 People In Group Then 2500 / Full Boat
    • Max 7 People Are Allow In One Boat Then The cost is 3500 / Full Boat
  • 10 Kms Rafting = 1500 / person || Spot Name : Babeli
    • If 4 People In Group Then 4000 / Full Boat
    • Max 7 People Are Allow In One Boat Then The cost is 6000 / Full Boat

3) River Rafting in Kolad

Kolad is a beautiful hamlet on Mumbai – Goa Highway. River rafting near Mumbai region is nothing but the rafting in Kolad. River Kundalika originates from Kundalika Valley where Bhira dam is built. Thus it is a dam controlled river and dam controlled rafting, also making it safe during the rainy season.

Kolad is the only place for river rafting near Pune. Two major city people rush to Kolad every monsoon to enjoy nature. The surrounding area is lush green and gets maximum rain during monsoon.

River: Kundalika

Timings: 8:30 – 9:00 AM (Only one slot every day)

Season: 365 days open but mostly Monsoon is more crowded.

Kundalika Rafting Prices: Click here to check current rates.


4) River Rafting in Coorg / Madikeri River Rafting

Coorg is the most sorted place in the southern part of India attracts major crowd form Bangalore and nearby towns. No doubt Coorg is the most famous tourist place but it is a place for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts who want to get lost into nature. As you steer your raft through the foaming white water of the River, you will feel the rapids of the river & powerful waves facing your raft and taking you to a different world.

River: Barapole

Coorg rafting Price: INR 1000-1500 per person

Rafting Timings: Morning 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


5) Rafting in Leh

Have you thought of getting into the chilled white water where your body will get numb in minutes? Such is the risk of rafting in Ladakh region. At a high altitude, with such risk, you need to be strong mentally and physically as well.  Not at all for faint-hearted or any other normal tourist, those who have adventure experience and really want to get high on adrenaline can raft in Leh. There are many lakeside camps for amazing night stay.

  • River: Zanskar – River Rafting on Zanskar River
    • Mostly, Grade II to V rapids
  • River: Indus – for Indus River Rafting
    • Generally of I and II grades and at some places and grade III to even V rapids

Price: INR 800 – 1600 per person depending upon the region you choose.


6) Dandeli River Rafting

Dandeli River Rafting is also called as Kali River Rafting due to the name of River ” Kali”. Rafting takes place in Ganeshgudi which is 20 km away from main Dandeli City. There are many adventure tour operator but you can book with any of these two reputed operators. One is Flycatcher adventures and bison rafting.  There are many other awesome adventure water sports activities to go for if it suits your pocket. This is one of the best places for river rafting in India.

River:  Kali

Kali River Rafting Start Point:  Ganeshgudi

Grades: II & III level rapids

Dandeli River Rafting Cost:

  • Short Run – INR 500 per person
  • Long Run – INR 1600 per person

Dandeli River Rafting Booking: http://www.flycatcheradventure.com/


7) Teesta River Rafting Darjeeling

Most popular activity amongst tourist of Darjeeling & Sikkim. River Rangeet & River Teesta originates in the Himalayan region and joins near Teesta Bazar. Confluence is the sight to behold and also serves as the starting point of Teesta River rafting. One should wear wetsuits to counter the cold water during winter.

River: Teesta

Grade:  Scale of 2 to 4

Teesta River Rafting Booking Cost: INR 900 per person

Teesta River Rafting Booking Operator:  Action Adventure Pvt Ltd [Phone: 03552 – 68236]


8) River Rafting in Kashmir

There are many rivers in Kashmir including Chenab & Sindh. Most of the rivers are fed by icy mountains. Challenges of rafting in these rivers are as good as that of rugged mountains.  Lidder river found to most ideal for river rafting in Kashmir and also amongst the top places for river rafting in India.

River: – Lidder

Ideal Season: From April to September are most appropriate.

Lidder River Rafting Prices: – INR 500 – 1200 per person

River Rafting Booking: http://www.kashmirhills.com/things-to-do/river-rafting/

Rafting Booking Contact:  +91 9716108811


9) Chikmagalur River Rafting in Bhadra

Bhadra river flows through one out of the top 8 dense forests of the world. Magnificent river vibrates and forms amazing thrilling rapids for white water rafting. It is a perfect place for rafting all year round. It is one of the best southern places for river rafting in India. Don’t forget to explore Bhadra wildlife sanctuary.

River:  Bhadra

Grades: 2 to 4+

Bhadra River Rafting Booking:  http://www.acepaddlers.com

Rafting Contact Number:­ 09480987672


10) Agumbe River Rafting

Agumbe got its sobriquet due to the highest rainfall place in the south region, and thus called ” The Cherrapunji of the South”. Agumbe is known for its waterfalls and dense forests. It is also home of King Cobra.

River:  Sitha Nadi

Rafting Booking Website: http://www.sitarafting.com/


11) Bheemeshwari River Rafting

Cauvery is the most magnificent and sacred river of South India. River offers stunning dark vegetation landscape views while rafting. Chirping sound of birds is cherry on the cake. There are many stay and activity packages. Mostly Bangalore corporate prefers team outing at such places.


River: Kauvery or Cauvery

Rafting distance: 5 Kms

Bheemeshwari River Rafting Price: INR 600 per person

Rafting & Stay Packages Booking Contact: https://www.bheemeshwarinaturecamp.com/


12) River Rafting in Goa

Goa is not only about cool beaches and sands. There are many other adventure activities for tourists. One of the most interesting and thrilling adventure activity is rafting in Mhadei river. Come on! Let’s join the tribe and have fun.

River: Mhadei or Mondovi

Location: Valpoli Town

Rafting Duration: 3 Hours

River Rafting Price: INR 1900 per person

Operational Season: Mid June to Mid Sept

Rafting Booking website: https://www.goarafting.com/


13) River Rafting in Shimla

White water rafting in Shimla starts from Chabba till Tattapani covering most adventurous water route of almost 12 kms in approx two hours downtime. Rejuvenate yourself in the freshwater of Sutlej River.

River: Sutlej

Operational: During Summertime

Shimla Rafting Price: INR 1500 per person


14) River Rafting in Bangalore

River rafting activity is not available in proper Bangalore City. Following are the places for river rafting near Bangalore city. These are all awesome places for River rafting in Karnataka & Kerala.


Destination From Bangalore Grade Cost
Chickmagalur (Badhra River) 290 km 2+ to 3+ Rs.1500.00
Dandeli ( Kali River) 481 km 3  to 4 Rs.1300.00
Agumbe (Sitha Nadi) 420 km 3 to 4 Rs.1500.00
Bheemeshwari (Kauvery River) 120 km 2 to 3 Rs. 600.00


All the above are major places for river rafting in India. Apart from that there few places which are not much famous and also does not operate throughout the year.

1) Dubare River Rafting

2) River Rafting in Assam

3) Siang River Rafting

4) Brahmaputra river rafting

5) Nameri river rafting

6) Bhagirathi river rafting

If this is not enough for you, I have one more amazing type of Rafting i.e. Bamboo Rafting


15) Bamboo Rafting

The Bamboo rafting is not that much adventurous like any other river rafting experience but it more interesting and famous amongst the old people. It is nothing but the boating but on rafts built with Bamboos. Hence Bamboo rafting. It is more kind of a leisure ride on backwaters of Kerala. Mostly seen in Kerala region – Thekkady, Periyar, Wayanad.




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